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Top Trend: Digital Marketing

3 Sep

Instant gratification, please! http://www.adotas.com/2012/08/emerging-marketing-advertising-trends-and-events/

Spending in digital ads increased by nearly 13 percent supported by the growing mobile market of tablets, Android phones and other mobile phones

Twitter’s 15 Seconds of Fame

11 Jun

Twitter ran its first television advertisement during yesterday’s 2012 Pocono 400 Nascar race. The ad featured racer, Brad Keselowski, taking a picture with his iPhone from inside his race car. Twitter directed viewers to go to twitter.com/#nascar. The link redirects interested viewers to twitter.com/hashtag/nascar, which features pictures, tweets and live updates about anything and everything Nascar. Watch the television advertisement here:

What do you think of the advertisement? Is this the first of many Twitter television spots?

Are Cable and Satellite TV Running Scared?

18 Aug

Have you cut the cord?

I was asked today to run down recent reports that cable and satellite TV providers were losing subscribers in big numbers and came across a recent report on CNET’s gadget blog CRAVE which in turn brings you to an AP article here

The losses seem to be exaggerated as only .2% of satellite and cable subscribers quit their services.  However, the real factor is that this is the first time that the industry has seen a quarterly net loss in subscriptions.  For years the cable services have been losing customers to satellite and other services such as Verizon and ATT, but the net result for the industry was always a gain in subscriptions.  Now, for the first time, the industry is looking at a net loss.

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