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Use Visuals for Brand Engagement

14 Sep

Engagement is one of the most difficult things to achieve with your brand online.  You can be active in all of your social networks, but without engaging material, you will hear crickets.  Engagement is one of the most widely struggled with aspects of a brand’ online presence.

The Social Media Breakdown

18 Apr

Have you ever wondered what social media site would work best for you? The business consultant network Zintro has researched this question and developed a very helpful infographic to show what network is the right fit for you and your business! Which network do you prefer?

Source Zintro

Social Media and the Job Hunt

16 Apr

Social media has grown from posting pictures of you and your friends out on the town to where you will find your next job. With executives and recruiters using Twitter and LinkedIn to find potential hires it is becoming more and more relevant to portray your image as one is professional. For example, posting a twesume as your Twitter bio. Here are more ways to use social media for your job search!

onlinedegrees.com is where this graphic was produced.

Print Media and Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

13 Apr

Most people believe that print media is going out the window but they are wrong! There are some great ways of integrating a print campaign along with a social media campaign. 

  • Targeting-using the social media statistics to better target the print media campaigns
  • Feedback-online offers an outlet to give feedback. Giving a call to action for feedback in the print ad offers two or more impressions of your campaign and the greater possibility for feedback.
  • Creative -having a tangible print ad allows for a greater variety of creativity that could coincide with the online campaign
  • Cross Promotion-the print ad allows for a call to the online ad, especially for those markets that aren’t online. Both online and print complement each other. Links should be given in print media to allow for the customer up to date news.
  • QR (quick response) Codes-a fairly new concept but if done right with the proper call to action, allows for easy access to information via a smart phone.

How Much Are You Worth on Social Media?

10 Apr

Have you ever wondered what your tweet or Facebook post was worth? This [infographic] spells it all out for you!

Source: backupify

Information Seekers are the New Consumers

6 Apr

There are many types of consumers, but recently the information seeking consumer has been on the radar of marketers. These consumers rely on the Internet, especially consumer reviews and blogs to find information regarding the product they want to buy. Here is an [infographic] on what mediums are used during the different stages of the buying cycle.

Source: Eloqua

LSJMedia is aware of the importance of the Internet for making the proper buying decision and strives to use Yahoo!’s extensive digital reach and audience targeting capabilities to target the proper consumer to ease the buying decision.

The Biggby Buzz

8 Mar

Source: Twitter @theBIGGBYbuzz

Can you think of a local business with a massive presence on social media? Take a look at Biggby’s accounts – they’re buzzing. Biggby is constantly interacting with customers, posting new information and hosting fun contests. The marketing department is clearly doing something right.

Biggby has continued to expanded with over 130 stores under contract, and have developed a positive foundation with their customers. Wondering  how they have made their business so successful, I asked for an interview with one of the marketing department’s employees– Katie Koerner.

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Mistakes in Internet Marketing: The Business Side of Things Again

6 Mar

Hurrah!  Another list!  Sometimes, we have to do a little re-self-evaluation (is that a word?) and looking back, we’ve been a little too ‘social’ and not quite enough ‘media’.
That is, ‘media’ being the business side of ‘social’.  We want to stress, over and over, that it’s important for you to be moderate, and fun, and immediate, and consistent, and all of those other things that we’ve suggested about the ‘social’ side of media.  But again, we’re starting to feel like we’ve been overshadowing the
one side with the other.  So, without further ado, ahem.

An Outlook for Social Media & Online Marketing in 2012

5 Mar

Social Media is the fastest changing atmosphere that exists in the business world.  (I’m not citing that stat, because it comes straight out of my own observations, but it doesn’t take much to believe it. ) Every year, changes and improvements to online business seem to multiply by power of magnitude.

Google Wallet: What is it?

21 Feb

Google is always coming up with new and innovate ways to transform the way we live our lives. They have given us Google Search, Google Chrome, Google Earth, Google Maps, Gmail, and most recently Google+. Now Google is giving us something that makes our day-to-day monetary exchanges that much easier.

Its called…

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