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Why We Love Infographics!

9 Mar

We love infographics for their simplistic but informational nature. Here is a video by Zabisco that shows the other reasons why infographics are so outstanding!

The Biggby Buzz

8 Mar

Source: Twitter @theBIGGBYbuzz

Can you think of a local business with a massive presence on social media? Take a look at Biggby’s accounts – they’re buzzing. Biggby is constantly interacting with customers, posting new information and hosting fun contests. The marketing department is clearly doing something right.

Biggby has continued to expanded with over 130 stores under contract, and have developed a positive foundation with their customers. Wondering  how they have made their business so successful, I asked for an interview with one of the marketing department’s employees– Katie Koerner.

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Mistakes in Internet Marketing: The Business Side of Things Again

6 Mar

Hurrah!  Another list!  Sometimes, we have to do a little re-self-evaluation (is that a word?) and looking back, we’ve been a little too ‘social’ and not quite enough ‘media’.
That is, ‘media’ being the business side of ‘social’.  We want to stress, over and over, that it’s important for you to be moderate, and fun, and immediate, and consistent, and all of those other things that we’ve suggested about the ‘social’ side of media.  But again, we’re starting to feel like we’ve been overshadowing the
one side with the other.  So, without further ado, ahem.

An Outlook for Social Media & Online Marketing in 2012

5 Mar

Social Media is the fastest changing atmosphere that exists in the business world.  (I’m not citing that stat, because it comes straight out of my own observations, but it doesn’t take much to believe it. ) Every year, changes and improvements to online business seem to multiply by power of magnitude.

Mobile Marketing According to Google

4 Mar Screen Shot 2012-02-28 at 11.29.08 AM

Mobile Marketing is become more and more relevant. Everyday more people buy smart phones and are able to use the internet on the go, at their fingertips. So the real question becomes, what can I do to make my company more relevant for the smartphone user. When considering all of your options remember the largest market that cares about your mobile presence is your LOCAL MARKET.

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Understanding the Social Consumer [Infographic]

2 Mar

In a dynamic “social media world” it’s important to stay on top of your game. As a brand marketer, you need to know what channels to use and who your consumers are. Below is an infographic to help you understand how to engage your consumers, from high sharers to low sharers.

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The Like Button Is So Last Year for Advertisers

14 Feb

Facebook has once again found another way to learn more about its users, this time through frictionless sharing. Frictionless sharing is utilized through different apps to allow users to post in real time. For example, the current song they are listening to on Spotify. This surge in sharing is beneficial to companies who are now able to target and develop relationships with their product users through Facebook ads.  Companies have figured out a way to publicly endorse their products through Facebook by having consumers press the Like button and share the page with their friends. With all of this data collecting, advertisers are able to make more accurately targeted ads to consumers at a higher capacity. How do you feel about this new sharing system?

Two And Half Minutes On Why Your Business Needs To Be On Social Media RIGHT NOW.

16 Jan

Some amazing, mind blowing, and astonishing facts about Social Media. I’m sure most of us understand that Social Media is huge, but have you ever stopped to actually quantify just how big Social Media is?

Social Media Revolution

The World Of Customer Service in Social Media: Further Thoughts

8 Dec

We just talked about this the other day, but we seem to be on a roll.  And since we’re on the topic… let’s elaborate.

Since the dawn of social media, the way businesses and customers interact has drastically evolved.  In addition to being picky when it comes to purchases, most people are now just as picky when it comes to actual customer service.  That is, what you do when they are unhappy with their purchase.  Most folks will now refuse to sit idle while being forced to listen to dreary elevator music when on hold. We live in a time where people demand an immediate response, so it makes perfect sense when customers expect an instantaneous reaction of support, especially on public platforms. The world of customer service as we know it has completely changed. In the now truly evolutionary and revolutionary world of technology and social media, this has a direct impact on how you and your business should relate to your consumers.

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Social Media Strategies: Compound Your Approach

2 Dec

Here at LSJ Media, part of our goal of blogging is to help you with your social media strategies.  We do a lot of listing, and we give a lot of recommendations for how you should approach social media–but often it’s from primarily the social side of things.  It can be easy to forget, sometimes, that the main goal of utilizing social media is ROI.  If there are no returns, there would be no point in doing social media.  Unfortunately, ROI is one of those terms that applies more to the business side of operations than the fun, cool, social side.  From the business side, being cool and popular and getting people to like you is simply not enough.  There is more to social media than just having fun on its own; the ‘being popular’ goal is just plain poor strategy.  So, we’ve come up with a new list.  Keeping in mind everything we’ve said previously about your social media strategy…. Continue reading


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