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Infographic: How To Get More Facebook Likes

29 Jun

Dan Zarrella of Hubspot reveals interesting data on how to get more Facebook likes. What better way to display this information than an infographic?

For more information, visit Hubspot.

Engaging Connected Consumers

15 Jun

Watch Deanna Brown, CEO of Federated Media Publishing, explain how brands are changing the publishing industry. With access to social media and other publishing outlets, brands are reshaping how content is delivered to consumers.

Original article can be found here: Why Brands Are Becoming Publishers by Brian Solis

Scott Monty of Ford Talks Social Media

23 Apr

Check out this excellent and informative interview from Social Media Examiner with the Head of Social Media at Ford Scott Monty. He delves into the positives of Google+ and other trends of social media. 

The Social Media Breakdown

18 Apr

Have you ever wondered what social media site would work best for you? The business consultant network Zintro has researched this question and developed a very helpful infographic to show what network is the right fit for you and your business! Which network do you prefer?

Source Zintro

Print Media and Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

13 Apr

Most people believe that print media is going out the window but they are wrong! There are some great ways of integrating a print campaign along with a social media campaign. 

  • Targeting-using the social media statistics to better target the print media campaigns
  • Feedback-online offers an outlet to give feedback. Giving a call to action for feedback in the print ad offers two or more impressions of your campaign and the greater possibility for feedback.
  • Creative -having a tangible print ad allows for a greater variety of creativity that could coincide with the online campaign
  • Cross Promotion-the print ad allows for a call to the online ad, especially for those markets that aren’t online. Both online and print complement each other. Links should be given in print media to allow for the customer up to date news.
  • QR (quick response) Codes-a fairly new concept but if done right with the proper call to action, allows for easy access to information via a smart phone.

How Much Are You Worth on Social Media?

10 Apr

Have you ever wondered what your tweet or Facebook post was worth? This [infographic] spells it all out for you!

Source: backupify

Social Shopping with the Introduction of Timeline for Businesses

4 Apr

With the introduction of Timeline for Business pages on Facebook, consumers are given another form of e-commerce via the businesses pages themselves

Source: VoucherCodes.co.uk and Visual.ly via Econsultancy

The Power of User Generated Content

29 Mar

User generated content is a topic in branding that some marketers still don’t fully understand. For example, the McDonald’s mishap of using #McDstories promotional hashtag to promote their farm fresh products. McDonald’s got a ton of backlash on Twitter and pulled the campaign immediately.

No worries, there are benefits to user generated content! User generated content gives people around the world a voice. Their voice is then heard by businesses and allows them to improve their products or services. For example the “new” Domino’s commercials that have been running. Domino’s looked at what people were saying, admitted their faults and improved their recipes which lead to an increase in sales. User generated content allows marketers and businesses to connect with many different generations and to tweak the messages to their target audience. User generated content is simple to do and allows for a more simple way to monitor the content that is being posted.

User generated content does have its draw back but if done correctly it can be a businesses best friend!

A Social Media Cheet Sheet for Small Businesses [Infographic]

26 Mar

Do you work for a small business? How do you know what service to use for marketing? Learn the basics! Companies no longer rely on just a website to market their products — they also engage in social media. This helpful infographic designed by Flowtown, explains social media in it’s simplest terms.

Source: Flowtown

Rules of Twitter

15 Mar

Most people believe that Twitter is a social media outlet that does not have any rules. According to social media professional Jay Adams of SMedio there are five “rules” of how to get an unfollow on Twitter.

1. You never tweet-meaning your Twitter account is inactive
2. You tweet too much-you have to find that delicate balance because no one wants to know what you ate for breakfast
3. You don’t follow back-it is Twitter etiquette to at least give a trial period follow back
4. You swear too much-it is usually not necessary
5. You don’t use common manners-a nice thank you for the follow is always appreciated


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