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iOS or Android?

13 Aug

As of the end of the first quarter of 2012, Android held a whopping 36% advantage over iOS in mobile phone market share.  Together, Android and iOS made up 82% of all smartphones shipped, leaving Symbian and Blackberry in the dust. 


(Chart by PC World)

The fact that Android and iOS lead the pack is not surprising…Apple is, well- Apple is Apple.  Android is bringing in Google, utilizes Microsoft, and is targeting the budgetary concerned group of smartphone consumers.  

But- do you find it surprising that Android shipped more than iOS?

Google Wallet: What is it?

21 Feb

Google is always coming up with new and innovate ways to transform the way we live our lives. They have given us Google Search, Google Chrome, Google Earth, Google Maps, Gmail, and most recently Google+. Now Google is giving us something that makes our day-to-day monetary exchanges that much easier.

Its called…

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