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Working with Giants: Facebook, Twitter, and Google

9 May

As a young professional in the world of Marketing, Advertising, and Communications, there are three giants that everyone dreams of working for; Facebook, Twitter, and Google. We’ve heard and seen pictures of their work places that include slides, relaxation rooms, and state of the art workout facilities. But, behind the mask of each company is an even better core that makes up each of the personalities of these companies. This post will hopefully allow you a few basic resources to find out more about these three companies and how to access their job opportunities.


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LinkedIn Company Follow Button

21 Mar

Company Pages

The world of LinkedIn has many different components including personal profiles, jobs searches, and company pages. A company page is a page displaying information about your company including a company overview, careers, products & services, and the page statistics. Having a company profile is a great way to spread the word about your company and allow your employees to associate and align your brand with their personal brand.

Following Companies

LinkedIn has a few different ways you can follow a company. These ways include following the company from the company page, from search results, from a personal profile, and most recently the LinkedIn Company Follow Button!

This button is a simple and easy way for people to start following your company on LinkedIn. Place it on your website or personal web page for consumers and fans alike to easily follow you. If the user is already signed in on their LinkedIn, all they need to do is push the button. If they aren’t signed in, a window will appear asking them to sign in, and then they’re set to follow you.

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