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Burgdorf’s Winery: Make Your Own Wine!

12 Jul

bildeLooking for something to do this summer? What about making your own wine? Burgdorf is a local winery in Haslett, MI that offers various wines throughout the year. One unique event they offer is making your own wine. For a reasonable price, you can make 24 bottles of wine on your own.

The sign-up ends July 14th, and the fermentation takes a while, so your wine won’t be finished until weeks later. Homemade wine makes a great gift, or use it for a special occasion, or just for your inner wine-lover.

Burgdorf’s also offers private parties and other events, so next time you’re looking for something to do in the area, look up Burgdorf’s and see what they are serving up!

Check out the website here, and help to support the local winery!

Lansing Art Gallery is Hosting “Sculptures in the Park” Exhibit

4 Jul

 mid_lansingartgallerypam - 5

Get ready for an outdoor exhibit showcasing Michigan artists, right here in Lansing. The exhibit will be held in Wentworth Park, and features sculptures by artists from within the state. The event encourages discussion and comments about art, and would like to hear your opinion! The exhibit starts June 1, and continues on from then. Check out the full story, along with other Lansing events.

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Have You Ridden the Entertainment Express?

2 Jul

crop_EntertainmentExpressTrolleyDowntownLansing - 6Every weekend in Lansing, the CATA Trolley called the Entertainment Express takes passengers to the hottest night spots in Lansing. Restaurants, clubs, bars, concert venues; there is something for everyone to visit. It’s been a while since the “Be A Tourist In Your Own Town” event, so be sure to keep up with the nightlife of the city by riding the Entertainment Express. The trolley runs until 2:30am during the summer, so late nights aren’t an issue, they’re the fun part!

Check out the full line-up of stops here.

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Lansing Area Offers Festivals for Everyone this Summer!

21 Jun

603445_10151576541523419_2131561734_n - 8From venues hosting concerts to chili, art and even alpacas, Lansing is hosting a massive number of events for the public this summer. Without a doubt, there is something for everyone to do in the area, whatever interests you have. For a short list of some of the events:

  • Scrapfest
  • Gizzard Fest
  • Juneteenth Celebration
  • Charlotte Bluegrass Festival
  • Summer Solstice Jazz Festival
  • Festival of the Moon
  • Festival of the Sun
  • Delta Rocks! Family Festival
  • Red Cedar Jubilee
  • Yankee Doodle Days
  • Celebrate Charlotte

(And that’s just June!)

Be sure to check out the full list of events here

photo courtesy of Old Town Lansing

Arts of Greater Lansing

17 Jun

Don’t worry if you missed out on the East Lansing Art Festival last month. There are plenty of other art oriented opportunities in the Greater Lansing Area this summer and all year round. Here are a few options definitely worth checking out:

It was 79 and sunny in East Lansing on Saturday, May 18. It was the perfect day to venture out into the streets of East Lansing for this annual outdoor artistic marketplace known as the 50th East Lansing Art Festival. Held each spring the 2013 festival took place May 18th and 19th, as always it was a great jump start to the variety of arts and cultural festivals held here in the Greater Lansing Area.

The sense of spirit and excitement could be seen and heard all around. The sidewalks of East Lansing were lined with over 320 tent-like booths full of art and exhibits to be explored. From stones to soap to squirt guns, each booth housed handmade items completely different from the one before. On first glance into a booth, the vendor, most often the artist himself, would be there offering a smile and warm welcome to step inside.

Not only were the streets filled with booths and people, but music could be heard around almost every corner.  Live bands and performers took to the sun filled streets, exhibiting their own artistic expression for spectators of every age.

Among the booths along Albert Street, a festival hosted tent offered free hands-on arts and crafts activities for children. A one of a kind food court featured foods from almost a dozen restaurants and caterers.

With thousands of festival goers, it’s nearly needless to say the East Lansing Art Festival is an enjoyed experience by people from all ages and artistic interest.


Upcoming Events in #LoveLansing

18 Jan
Lansing Boat Show

January 18-20

Hurry up to visit the Lansing Boat Show “H20-13″ at the Lansing Center packing the Main Exhibition Halls. 36 different manufacturers will be represented so the selection is limitless.

Keep Michigan’s Wolves Protected
January 22

Come to the Keep Michigan Wolves Protected Campaign Kickoff to find out how you can get involved in this important referendum to help protect Michigan’s still-recovering wolf population.

Mid-Michigan Women’s Expo
February 1-3

The Lansing Women’s Expo is the original and first of Women’s Expos. The Mid-Michigan Women’s Expo is celebrating 13 years and recognized as the best.

Frost Fest 2013
February 16

Civil Twilight, Flint Eastwood and Lights and Caves will be performing! Tickets are available here for $15.

Taste & Tour of Old Town

April 13

Old Town Commercial Association is hosting its fifth annual Taste & Tour of Old Town, a progressive food sampler and exclusive loft tour. The sampler gives visitors a chance to taste a variety of Old Town’s finest fare.

An Interview with Melissa Nay

24 Apr

Melissa Nay is currently a Key Account Sales Representative at LSJMedia. I had the pleasure of interviewing her about her year of being a Sales Manager for LSJMedia for my Sales Management class. We talked not only about the importance of excellent customer service but what it really means to be a sales manager and a sales representative.

What do you think are the most important characteristics of a sales manager/ Salesperson?

In a sales manager-patience, organization, having an open-mind, and attention to details.

In a sales person-excellent customer service, attention to detail, and being organized

What do you wish you had time for from a sales & sales management standpoint?

To go out with the sales people on sales calls instead of staying in and working on reports

How do you manage your sales force?

I managed 5 sales reps very carefully with one-on-one weekly meetings and team meetings. I had an open door policy with my sales force. I also would work on different strategies  with them, showing them here is where you are and these are the steps you need to do to get here.

Doyle: How do you manage your business from a sales standpoint?

I was good at motivating my sales team. If goals were met, I would take my team out to lunch. I would keep a bowl of chocolate on my desk; give out praises of a job well done and thank you cards. I knew how to adapt to how each individual sales representative responded to motivation and used that to learn the best way to encourage them.

What’s most valuable when dealing with Customers?

Customer service is the most valuable. She mentioned that she would call back right away if a client called, and answer the same question fifty times with the same answer if they asked.

Melissa continued to tell me how technology has affected how she communicated with her sales reps when she was a manager. Melissa craved the interaction with the clients which is why she chose to go back to being a Key Account Sales Representative. She also keeps busy with different organizations such as serving as the Co-Chair of the Community Relations Committee for Delta Waverly Rotary Club.

Hot Spots in the 5-1-7

9 Apr

Warm weather is approaching, and we’ve come up with a few ideas to get the most out of the spring and summer in Lansing. Listed below are our favorite five outdoor events, one rainy day activity, and seven spots you can’t pass up!

5 Outdoor Events

East Lansing Art Festival- Peruse the streets to of East Lansing during the Memorial Day holiday, and check out the beautiful creations from more than 200 artists. This festival also provides live music, kid’s activities and an international-style food court.

Source: CiesaDesign


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