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Advertising Partners in Pure Michigan

19 Aug

Launched in 2006, the “Pure Michigan” ad campaign has branded the numerous unique, natural wonders and communities throughout the state of Michigan. From the moment a Pure Michigan ad begins it is most recognizable by the narrators voice. Actor, comedian and Michigan native, Tim Allen has been the voice of Pure Michigan ads since the very beginning. Watch an ad for yourself:

If an effort to continue marketing and branding Michigan, nearly 500 companies have participated in the “Pure Michigan” campaign. It was recently announced that many more Michigan based companies, organizations and communities will be joining forces in a joint advertising and marketing effort.

Companies are able to customize ads to represent their business. Currently, Kroger Co. has been promoting the Michigan milk industry with a “Pure Michigan” TV ad. Meijer stores now carry “Pure Michigan” merchandise. Companies can use the “Pure Michigan” logos for free if they meet terms and conditions.

Twitter’s 15 Seconds of Fame

11 Jun

Twitter ran its first television advertisement during yesterday’s 2012 Pocono 400 Nascar race. The ad featured racer, Brad Keselowski, taking a picture with his iPhone from inside his race car. Twitter directed viewers to go to The link redirects interested viewers to, which features pictures, tweets and live updates about anything and everything Nascar. Watch the television advertisement here:

What do you think of the advertisement? Is this the first of many Twitter television spots?

Paul Silverman and Mullen Advertising: An Example to Live By?

1 Mar

For some reason, when I begin to type ‘advertising’ and related topics into my Google search bar, the name Paul Silverman always appears near the top of Google’s list of suggestions.  I finally said, alright, I should address this phenomenon.

Paul Silverman was the original Creative Director for Mullen Advertising beginning in 1973. Silverman’s began his career in fictional writing making him an excellent copy writer in his future work. He helped launch Mullen Advertising nationally from the campaigns he worked on including Timberland, BMW, and the “When I Grow Up” ad. According to agency founder Jim Mullen, “Paul Silverman was the smartest person I even knew as well as the key creator of our agency’s creative culture”. Silverman paved the path for future creatives in the field of advertising and will always be remembered through his inspiring words.

2011 Super Bowl Recap

13 Feb

Every year marketers and advertisers sit down to watch one of the world’s largest sporting events; the Super Bowl. But of course, football takes second place to what we all are waiting for.

The Super Bowl has produced some of the best commercial spots the advertising world has seen. In this blog I would like to count down the five best Super Bowl spots from last year. Lets take a look!

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How YouTube and Television Can Initiate Business Success

9 Nov

The world of advertising is interwoven with various forms of media that allow you to promote your business. When video advertising comes to mind, most people generally expect to pay high production costs, which is usually out of the question for many small business owners. Although in some cases small businesses may have a high budget, the Internet has virtually eliminated the demand for high costs to launch a video campaign. In this day and age, any small business owner can develop a video to be watched by the masses.

With YouTube video views skyrocketing to over 3 billion views each day, there is an enormous opportunity for you to establish your business: both on television and online. In a previous blog post I explained the differences between viral video marketing and social video marketing, both of which can be highly beneficial to your business. Although promoting your business through video may seem intimidating to most people, especially to those who lack skill in the video production department, there are numerous resources out there to help you develop your business’ video.

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Are Cable and Satellite TV Running Scared?

18 Aug

Have you cut the cord?

I was asked today to run down recent reports that cable and satellite TV providers were losing subscribers in big numbers and came across a recent report on CNET’s gadget blog CRAVE which in turn brings you to an AP article here

The losses seem to be exaggerated as only .2% of satellite and cable subscribers quit their services.  However, the real factor is that this is the first time that the industry has seen a quarterly net loss in subscriptions.  For years the cable services have been losing customers to satellite and other services such as Verizon and ATT, but the net result for the industry was always a gain in subscriptions.  Now, for the first time, the industry is looking at a net loss.

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