iPad Publication Subscriptions

6 May

This past holiday season I was blessed with the gift of a technology so amazing, light seemed to shine as I pulled the dense white cardboard apart to revel something that could only have been made with the perfect combination of magic and science.

Now obviously I’m exaggerating a little on the greatness of opening the package, but the greatness of iPad should not be understated. As I started to use the iPad, I found that there was something that I hadn’t quite figured out yet. How to get my stacks and stacks of GQ, Bloomberg Businessweek, Wired, Outside, and New York Times onto my new apple device. Then I found the app called  Newsstand.

Newsstand is the app that allows you to both read and buy publication subscriptions for the iPad. I have found that reading publications on my iPad is great. It’s easy to read, has bright and vivid color, and has more dimensions that a normal subscriptions. Most subscriptions have a very easy to use layout that allows you to jump from section to section with ease. The new form of digital magazine and newspaper also allows for other content to be placed into the publication such as videos, audio content, and even slide shows of pictures.

For example, every time I receive a Bloomberg Businessweek in the Mail, the cover is the first thing that catches my eye. The covers are always dynamic and hit on emotional cues that other magazines don’t quite get to. I had always wondered how they came up with such great ideas. With their iPad subscription, I wondered no more. At the beginning of each new version, there is a short 2:00 minute video with the Creative Director and sometimes the editor explain the cover and how they got to the final version.

[picture of Bloomberg businessweek video]

The part of iPad publications that is great for marketers is the digital advertising medium. Advertisements in these publications are now more versatile than ever. They allow for bright and vivid color, interaction, multi-sized and positioned ads depending on the current layout of the iPad (horizontal or vertical), and multimedia such as videos, audio content, and slide shows of pictures. All of these things also can be clicked on and directed right to Safari (the internet) on the iPad device.

[picture of GQ advertisement]

Now if your thinking, I already own a magazine subscription that comes in the mail OR why would I double purchase a publication? The answer is you don’t have to. Many publications allow you to fully access the iPad version of the publication if you have a current subscription. For example I currently receive GQ, Bloomberg Businessweek, and Wired both in Print and Digital versions. You may think it’s redundant, but in reality it is very convenient. I find myself leaving my print version in the living room or even in the bathroom. I then can read my magazine right where I left off, on the go such as in the car or on the plane.

If you were doubting the publication aspect of the iPad, doubt no more because as a young professional I use it constantly. To find out more about the iPad Publication Process go to the Apple Newsstand Website. To view all of the publications you can download visit the App Store on you Apple device or visit the Apple Newsstand List. Thanks for reading and as always, be sure to leave a comment.

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