Google Drive: A Cloud with Wheels

28 Apr

Google has come out with its latest product: 

Google Drive

Google Drive is the newest cloud format. It allows you to upload all of your files into one single place to be accessed from anywhere. Off all of the cloud formats, this one will be great for the billions of Google Users as all of their Google Docs will already be apart of Google Drive. Watch this video to learn more.

Google Drives stresses three main benefits. . .

1. Your Access is Everywhere

Google Drive is accessible on all of your devices and internet capable technology. This is a great time and place utility for this application.

2. Safe Place

Google Drive states that is a safe and reliable place to store your files. The reassurance is nice with all of the digital theft that happens in this era.

3. Collaboration Factor

Just like Google Docs, this program allows you to share your documents with other and update them together in real-time.

The best part about it, they allow you 5GB for free. You can also upgrade to 25GB for only $2.50/month. To learn more about Google Drive visit their start-up website.

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