Social Media According to Scott Westerman

7 Mar

The Lansing community is packed full of experienced individuals who are very versed in the areas of marketing, advertising, and public relations. One of those individuals is Scott Westerman, President of the Michigan State University Alumni Association (MSUAA).

We sat down with Scott, and he gave us the in and outs of social media. Enjoy!

Getting into Social Media for the Individual.

“Press Rewind”

Scott’s biggest advice for individuals thinking about getting into social media was to, “Press the rewind button”. Scott talks about how you need to go back and look at what you were posting since the start of your accounts. Take down what you don’t want associated with your personal brand. Scott says nothing is secret on the internet anymore. Everything is available directly or indirectly.

“Your Personal Brand”

Scott then goes on to talk about “Your Personal Brand”. Scott suggests that everything you do online expresses your personal brand. You never stop expressing with whatever you’re doing. Scott says to make sure your watching your language and don’t get carried away with what you’re doing online. He says that all of us are our own company, selling a product (ourselves) so we need to make sure we’re thinking strategically.

“Whether we like it or not, we all have a personal brand we express everyday. We’re constantly defining it, and refining it.”


The Next Social Media Craze.


Scott says that Pinterest is definitely the next big social media craze. He says it attracts primarily women and it has a “cool, new vibe” that doesn’t seem to be present in other sites. The site brings a whole new feel to social media.

“The Unknown”

Scott also goes further and explain that the next big site after Pinterest is something we don’t know about yet. Scott explains how social media eventually always rolls over. He also explains how sites always start small and usually start with a consumer focused mentality. Social media sites that wander away from this, and move towards a monetization model, Facebook, end up being a hated company. You can’t lose site of your customers and become non-responsive. Scott says…

“Once upon a time there was Myspace.”


Social Media Sites Explained.


With over 800 million users, Facebook is one of the top ten most hated companies in America. This social media site is where your friend base is. Most people use it for just that. People connect on here with friends and talk about each other. Scott says he uses it to connect with old high school friends.


The “News Wire” of the internet; the place were your find the breaking news. Twitter is great for watching trends. Scott explains the way he keeps up with the news is with Twitter and Google Alerts. He says that Twitter is also a place for people to “Whine and Shout”.


“Single most important network to use in your job search.” This is the place where you have the conversation about careers. Scott explains that LinkedIn is where he finds people for his team at MSUAA.


The advantage to Google+ is that people can follow you without you having to follow them back. Circles is also another great advantage. Google+ was originally hampered due to not opening their API in the beginning. Scott also goes on to explain that Google+ did a great job with their social interaction model. Scott says that Google+’s hangouts are great and that other networks are going to have a hard time replicating it.

Check out Scott’s website (, his Twitter (@MSUScottW), and his book, “The Spartan Life“, for more great insight from the President of MSUAA. Thanks again Scott for your great advice.

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