QR Code Advantages & Disadvantages

24 Feb

One of the latest marketing crazes has been QR Codes. These black and white objects have been the talk of many marketers’ conversations. You’ve seen them on print ads, tee shirts, and even in store windows. Some marketers think they’re really effective in capturing a young and technology savvy audience. Others believe that these are already a thing of the past. In this blog we’d like to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of QR Codes.


One of the biggest advantages of QR Codes is their ability to keep advertising relevant. Here we are talking primarily about print advertising. We all know the shelf life of print advertising is not very long, even with pass along readership. When a QR Code is placed on a print ad, it extends the life of that print ad. The website that the QR Code is connected to can always be changed.

Another advantage to QR Codes has to do with mobile phone usage. With QR Codes we can tailor our ads to smartphone users since we know were the QR Code leads. We direct them exactly where we want.

One last advantage to QR codes is their range of usability. The can be used in almost every type of medium. Furthermore, you can make the page it directs to what ever you please.


QR Codes require education. The average consumer has to find out what the black and white matrix is. Then they have to download an app. This education has not yet caught fire with a large portion of Americans. Beyond the education, many people who have the technology to perform the action don’t want to take the time to download the app.

Another disadvantage is that QR Codes are not the best looking element on your beautiful print ad. Unless you design your ad around the QR Code, it ends up looks like an extraneous addition to the piece.

Lastly, they have other competitors that do their same function. The latter statement isn’t the issue. The issue is that most consumer don’t want to have 3 or 4 code reading apps on their smartphone.

In conclusion, the fate of QR Codes is yet to be decided. The have both advantages and disadvantages. Regardless, we hope you got something out of this post. Please tweet at us @LSJMediaBizDev and let us know what you think about QR Codes.

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