Professional Spotlight: David Regan

3 Nov

Allow me to introduce you to David Regan, a modern-day renaissance man in the world of advertising.  He has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The Detroit News, and ABC TV regarding his understanding of the advertising industry, not to mention his numerous ADDYs, TELLYs, DMADs, and CADDs awards (as well as serving as a judge for the Crystal Awards).  Impressive vitae, oui?

Before becoming an instructor at Michigan State University in 1995, Regan worked full-time at J. Walter Thompson, the world’s largest and best-known marketing communications brand.  Regan’s experiences include working with such clients as General Motors, Black & Decker, Gillette, A & W Restaurants, Harley-Davidson, State Farm, Caterpillar, Windsor Foods, 3M, Heinz, Ford, White Castle, HAP Health Care, and Republic Banks throughout his 20 years in the industry.  We here at LSJ Media are pretty impressed with Dave.

In recent years, Regan has taught numerous graduate and undergraduate courses in advertising related topics at Michigan State University, such as Advertising Campaigns, Copywriting, Layout and Design, Direct Response Advertising and Portfolio Development.  He has also taught a Marketing Management course at the University Of Michigan Ross School Of Business in the grad program as well as teaching design courses at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit.  He is also (yes, there’s more!) the current faculty advisor for MSU’s American Advertising Federation (MSUAAF@MSUAAF) as well as the past MSU Advertising Association advisor.

Teaching in this field is something for which Regan has clearly demonstrated a passion.  In an attempt to give students real hands on experience, Regan has worked in collaboration with numerous other MSU schools (Packaging, Business, Engineering, Arts & Letters) on a newly developed project called the Multi-College Client Alliance Teams, giving students from varied colleges the opportunity to form diverse student agency teams to work with real clients on real projects.

We were lucky enough to land an interview with David Regan and get his advice on how to handle the advertising industry, especially the big, scary world of social media. We would like to thank David for taking part in our recently developed “Professional Spotlight” series.  It is always a big help to find someone so eager and willing to speak with us, and we greatly appreciate his valuable marketing insight.  As do, I’m sure, the many small business owners lucky enough to read this article.

Without further ado:

LSJ Media: Hi, Dave.  What would you say is the best advertising approach a local business could develop?

Regan: Develop a plan, consider all advertising media options, and evaluate how much money your local business can put towards a year’s campaign.

LSJ Media: What are some simple steps that local business’ can implement to have a more customer friendly environment?

Regan: Make sure that customer service is at your best, which helps spread word of mouth. Always keep a “fresh and clean” ambience in your store/business. Consider avenues that can help spread word of mouth with options like small giveaways and promotions.

LSJ Media: What are some big time companies that are doing a great job managing their social media presence?

Regan: That list is many and long. Apple is one to look at of course with all of their innovation. Look and seek innovative companies and you will find your resources to research.

LSJ Media: What advice, if any, could you give towards local businesses in their social media endeavors?

Regan: Go to events like TEDEX and/or “#140 Conference” and any other types of social media events like these that inspire and educate.

LSJ Media: What local social media accounts/social media accounts in general do you follow? Why?

Regan: I follow Dr4Ward… He’s got great stuff! There are quite a few others too.

LSJ Media: Great.  We’ll be following him in just a minute, too!  What challenge might local businesses face when attempting to launch their social media presence?

Regan: I think the biggest challenge is knowing where your “understanding game” is of social and digital media. Once you have a good feel for things and have been enlightened by some folks “who are in the know” in this arena, then you can begin to play and try some things. Then evaluate and continue the creating and innovating process.

LSJ Media: Do you agree that optimal customer service can be achieved through social media practices?

Regan: Well, not entirely. I still believe that there are many variables in a company’s business efforts, and that it also takes professionalism and quality to occur not only through social media, but also through ALL areas of that company’s efforts to win and succeed. Social media is just one of the powerful tools in the toolbox.

You can follow David Regan on Twitter @ProfDaveRegan.  We write interviews to help you see the reality of some the points we try to make in our blog, and we write our blog in order to help give you a leg up in the social media department, among other things.  Once you’ve gotten that leg up, let us know.  We love to hear feedback from people who read our posts!

So long until tomorrow!

Author, Robert Freeman Smith

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