How to Reach the Female Market

20 Oct

The female market is a powerful demographic to reach if you’re developing an advertising campaign. Women are likely responsible for all, if not a large portion, of the major purchases within the household. The world of marketing is constantly changing; the same advertising practices that were a hit 10 years ago are now viewed as outdated and unresourceful. Times change, people change, and consumption habits change as well. It is up to you, the business owner, to roll with the punches of the world of advertising and to evolve your business into a savvy industry mogul.

Who are women anyways? That’s simple.  In 2011 she is likely a knowledgeable, technologically confident, dynamic woman who is also likely a full time mother as well as involved in the workforce in either a full or part time job position. This woman juggles numerous aspects of her life, but she accomplishes everything she puts her mind to. She’s a modern day wonder woman.

In the 1960’s it was easy to target this specific demographic. Simply place a few ads in “Good Housekeeping” or purchase an advertisement spot during a hit soap opera and you’d be golden. Clearly this practice is outdated and would not translate over  in current times, this is 2011 after all. In the last 40 years we’ve made leaps and bounds in the world of advertising. In this day and age we live in a multichannel world that never stops running. These women are involved with numerous forms of media; it’s up to you, the marketer, to tap into these opportunities. 69% of adults whom are involved in social networking sites are female. Women also tend to spend over 30% more time on social networking sites than men, proving that this is an influential demographic. If you plan to connect with the modern woman, you must utilize social media in your marketing approach.

Lowe’s did a magnificent job of targeting the female demographic with their “Don’t stop improving” campaign. The slogan directly appeals to the target market of women “who love the idea of the home as a form of self-expression”, according to Tom Lamb, Lowe’s Senior Vice-President of Marketing and Advertising. The 60-second commercial entails an attention grabbing contemporary choreographed dance number to the 2009 indie track “Don’t Stop”. The ad itself shows the progression of a couple as they move through their life, from room to room, milestone to milestone, and decade to decade as they work towards improving their home. What’s amazing about this advertisement is the fact that it does, and will, evoke a direct emotional response. This commercial depicts numerous age stages that can apply to any demographic, both young and old.

Other great examples of how to tap the head of household demographic include Johnson’s Baby Page. Johnson & Johnson used a smart approach regarding this target audience; they held a Facebook competition for their “Joy of Bonding with Mom” photo contest. This was an effective strategy due to the fact that it built brand loyalty as well as encouraged the audience to post precious photographic moments; all of which elicit an emotional response in the target market, thus strengthening their relationship with the brand. – The same can be said about Tide, on their Facebook page they frequently create emotional connections by asking questions regarding the detergent and how it’s made an impact on customer’s lives. It’s simple social media practices such as these that build the relationship between the consumer and the company.

Brand loyalty is an important aspect when it comes marketing. The best advertising campaigns are the ones that are remembered. If you establish a strong emotional response via your brand and your consumer, you’ll likely become one of the products that are remembered (and purchased) long into the future. Remember, just as Lowe’s put it: “Don’t stop improving!”

Author, Robert Freeman Smith

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