Local Company Loves Pinterest

2 Sep
TechSmith, based in Okemos, Michigan has taken employee relations to a new level by integrating an interactive social media campaign. They’ve created an employee only Pinterest account where every employee has the ability to pin and share boards of their choice.  TechSmith employees have found and created some pretty Pin-teresting things, take a look at the fun they’re having:
TechSmith is worldwide software company, providing over 180 countries with screen capture and recording software.  Their products

 include Snagit, Camtasia Studio, Camtasia for Mac, Camtasia Relay, and Morae. For more information about TechSmith and their products, visit: http://www.TechSmith.com.

Throwback Thursday Photo

22 Aug


We found this great picture in our archives! I know it looks similar to a modern day paper shredder, interestingly enough, I can almost guarantee it is not! Does anyone know what The Associated Press machine above, is called and its main purpose?



Google tells me, A.D. stands for Anno Domini and MCMLI actually stands for the year 1951 in roman numerals.  The year 1951 began on a Monday and the Number 1 hit song was Tennessee Waltz by Patti Page, just a few random fun facts!


Advertising Partners in Pure Michigan

19 Aug

Launched in 2006, the “Pure Michigan” ad campaign has branded the numerous unique, natural wonders and communities throughout the state of Michigan. From the moment a Pure Michigan ad begins it is most recognizable by the narrators voice. Actor, comedian and Michigan native, Tim Allen has been the voice of Pure Michigan ads since the very beginning. Watch an ad for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/user/puremichigan

If an effort to continue marketing and branding Michigan, nearly 500 companies have participated in the “Pure Michigan” campaign. It was recently announced that many more Michigan based companies, organizations and communities will be joining forces in a joint advertising and marketing effort.

Companies are able to customize ads to represent their business. Currently, Kroger Co. has been promoting the Michigan milk industry with a “Pure Michigan” TV ad. Meijer stores now carry “Pure Michigan” merchandise. Companies can use the “Pure Michigan” logos for free if they meet terms and conditions. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9SP4vBUq48



Throwback Thursday Photo

15 Aug


Look at the date on this newspaper clipping, that’s some old news!! State Republic Extra, from the Lansing State Journal vault of historical photos.


Writing and typing their lives away, the life of a reporter at Lansing State Journal! Notice the crumpled papers on the floor, how often do we crumple up our writing these days?

Make Your App Stand Out

12 Aug

toprankthresholds 4

App developers strive to stand out in the cluttered world of apps. Customers may find app markets difficult to navigate, for the very same reason. While app stores are working to keep up and easily offer customers the most relevant and new apps.

  •  Mobile app revenue will reach $46 billion by 2016, up from about $8.5 billion in 2011.
  • 85% of global mobile device owners prefer to use a mobile app. Customers choose apps based on convenience, efficiency, and overall ease of use.


The price of your app can help your app stand above the rest.

  • iPhone apps that dropped in price increased 1,665% in download volume for the following five days.
  • In-app purchases within free apps totalled 71% of iPhone App Store revenue

Global Market

  • Follow global mobile trends, consider location or internationalization.
  • Work your app to fit into a local market and offer your app in the native language.

App Store Optimization, ASO

ASO is all about improving your app’s chances at achieving high visibility. help drive app traffic, achieve a high ranking, and enhance the visibility of your app.

  • App name, keywords, icons and screen shots, and ratings and reviews help reach greater app store exposure.

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/how-to-help-your-app-stand-out-2013-7#ixzz2bDF93eHt


Throwback Thursday Photo

8 Aug


Where great minds meet, the conference room at Lansing State Journal. Notice the lamp and the curtains, a little retro but still super cool!



Reporters at their desks, waiting for the next phone call about breaking news! Do you think it’s anything similar to the newsroom now?

Target Audience: Marketing to Moms

5 Aug

According to a BabyCenter study, moms were 80 percent more likely to use social media compared to the general population at 55 percent. Moms were more likely to have more than 200 friends than the general population. They are also more likely to “like” brands on social media.

This mommy data indicates a target audience that brands do not want to miss. Even if your brand or product isn’t a bullseye for moms, it is important to consider them in your branding strategy. As shown above, moms have more friends and are more likely to participate in social media. Attract the mommy audience and you can create relationships to be gossiped about.

For more information, visit eMarketer for the original article.

Facebook Engagement Cheat Sheet

2 Aug

A great opportunity to develop a loyal and active fan base. There is some interesting data that reveals which types of content work best for Facebook engagement.




Throwback Thursday Photos

1 Aug


Ready to roll out the daily news, Lansing State Journal.


Can you imagine the sound this massive machine made? Personally, I bet it was pretty loud! Printing some news here!

Read some history of the print newspaper: http://www.hrc.utexas.edu/educator/modules/gutenberg/books/printing/

Exclusive Invites and Offers Always Win

31 Jul

It seems that an increasing amount of websites require an individual to subscribe or get invited to become a member of that particular site. Diaspora*, a growing social media network uses this strategy as well as Pinterest, which has 25 million unique visitors. 

Obviously, no one is rejected from getting an invitation but the anticipation of being accepted as a member of the site is the key element in attracting those visitors.

Everyone loves feeling significant as if they have been invited to something while their friends or co-workers were not. It’s as if they became part of another network by themselves without having to meet someone through their colleagues or by being recommended to buy something from a friend.

Websites that enforce a potential member to register their email in order to be invited and accepted into that site provides those members with a sense of anticipation. They begin to wonder what they’re missing out on and what makes the site so special that they have the ability to do this. This feeling alone has given that website a potential client, customer, or loyal member because people are always curious about the unknown.

People enjoy discovering things like Pinterest and Diaspora* on their own because they yearn for that feeling of belonging to something exclusive or simply belonging to something.

The following guidelines are ways to attract people to your website, blog, or social network by simple using digital greeting cards to gain publicity.

  1. Create a feature on your website, blog, or social network that enforces people to have to enter their emails in order to be invited to your website.
  2. Send out mass emails with the subject line: “YOU’RE INVITED,” to intrigue those readers in wanting to know more about what they have been invited to.
  3. Incorporate this invitation theme onto your networks such as Facebook and Twitter, and link your website with the headline “YOU’RE INVITED.”
  4. Don’t accept invitations right away. Allow the anticipation of your potential clients, customers, or members to grow – keep them intrigued.
  5. Once you accept these individuals to your website or network, let them know how special they are for being accepted and send out reminders about why they were accepted so they feel like they’re contributing to your site as well.

With this digital greeting card guideline, you’ll have more invitations to send out then any wedding in the world!


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